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Student_BlogNumbers of electronic devices has increased more than 5 times around the world since industrial revolution. We all need energy to operate it. Our modern life is built on energy. Does anyone know where in the world this energy coming from, this is coming from burning fuels, coals etc. Fifty percent of US energy comes from the Coal and 80 % of Chinas energy comes from Coal. Remember burning anything releases carbon, burning coal and oil which are dense in carbon release carbon a lot. That carbon mixed in atmosphere and degrade the ozone layer, and when carbon mix with the oxygen in atmosphere act like a blanket and reserve heat in our surrounding thus temperature rises.

Climate change is a very real, dangerous, and rapidly worsening problem with deep moral and ethical implications. The International Energy Agency says CO2 emissions is the highest in history. We produce 9 billion tons of carbon a year. Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have now risen to levels that are precariously close to pushing global temperatures beyond 2º C (3.6 º F). Bold and decisive action is needed to prevent temperatures from rising to this tragic and potentially irreversible level. Climate change affect everyone.

Basically this rise in temperature, melts snow from snowcapped mountains which can cause massive flood, avalanche and other natural disasters, rise on temperature also causes endanger of species in acratic hemisphere e.g. polar bears and whales are placed on endangered species list. Small alpine glaciers will very likely disappear completely and large glaciers will shrink by 30 to 70 percent. Not only that we have started seeing drought in many places and less rain fall than usual. Time and again we heard about the visibility issues in highly industrialized cities like Hong Kong, Beijing etc. where government declare holidays for school because of rise in air pollution in the cities. This is the story of almost every nation. But the bitter truth is why no one in taking responsibility for this.

The most basic ethical principal is do not harm others but is violated. I think it’s not only about the carbon, It’s about ego as well. Developed countries feel like they are the super power and to be the number one they need more energy and cheapest way to get energy is from gasoline and coals. But a small country in Africa like Malawi which hardly contribute to the adversities in environment have to suffer consequences, two years ago Malawi receives massive flood across the nation which is not usual for this landlocked country. What we have seen in the recent 2015 Climate Change submit in Paris, developed nation who are producing more than 70% of total carbon emission are not able to agree on the reduction of carbon emission in near future, due to conflict between nations.

Countries are negotiating on what responsibilities and duties different countries have on climate change. Industrialized countries must drastically reduce their emissions and provide finance and technology to assist reduction of emissions in developing countries. Developing countries insist that a solution to climate change cannot come at the expense of their development. But the key thing is development is closely linked with the energy, consequently, a seemingly inevitable increase in fossil fuel use and thus carbon emissions. Having said that we should have moral ground for carbon emission.

A question which I asked every day is why the kids in Africa have to suffer; why fish, birds, forest have to suffer; Is it due to the ego in energy production in Developed world? Why can’t we stand with nature than always standing against nature? Reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions causes the atmospheric concentrations stabilized at an agreed safe level and distributes the permissible emissions under the contraction on an equal per capita basis globally for all countries.

The Greenhouse Development Rights is “ability to pay.” This principal combines the costs of emissions mitigation and development funding and calculates for each nation a “measurement of responsibility and capacity” based on the percentage of its population above a “development threshold,” or minimum per capita income, and excludes emissions that correspond to consumption from those below the threshold.

The U.S. and many developed national has forgot their social responsibility and failed to take aggressive action on climate change in large part because the issue has been framed around economic self-interest: its costs to jobs and the economy are too high. No matter what the cost is for economy but we should not mess with nature. We will also not survive if we cannot protect our environment.

We can make a difference form our level, Greenpeace movement has stir the issue again. Tomorrow Dec 05 2015 Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is setting for its log waited meeting to discuss about how much they can cut in production of crude and burnt oil in future without destabilizing the economy. This seems like a small step towards reduction in carbon for better environment of future. But I believe if we can help each other to reduce carbon emission by using natural and clean energy sources instead. This world again will be a better place to live.


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